Focus Mode

Today I discovered and bought a “focussed writing app” called “iA Writer”. It is a purposefully minimal writing app which aims to help writers focus in several ways. One specific way is called “focus mode”. Focus mode fades most all the text to gray, leaving only the sentence you are currently writing in black. iA […]

Free Subscription for Veterans

In honor of our United States veterans, we’re offering a free solo subscription to PlaybookIQ to any United States service member, active or inactive.  Please visit our site at  If our service can help your business, contact us at to set up your free account.  Thank you for your service! *Number of subscriptions […]

User friendly CRM for all!

In working to revamp the Import feature of PlaybookIQ, its becoming increasingly clear there is still a gap between the developer and the ordinary computer user.  For the technical partner, its easy to throw terms such as CSV, parsing, and “plain text” around (even in a single sentence!).  As the non-technical partner, it feels like […]