Bulk deleting contacts

PlaybookIQ offers several ways to affect multiple contacts at once, saving time in managing contacts.  These include adding and deleting tags, adding a task, assigning a playbook, and managing steps within a playbook.  Now users can also bulk delete contacts.

For example, a group of contacts imported from a purchased list have completed all steps in a lead playbook.  Viable leads have been followed through and all others are deemed dead.  A search for the dead contacts by tag or playbook will now yield the option to delete:

To delete all listed contacts, check the box at the top of the list (be sure to ‘show all’ if you’re managing more than 20 contacts) and click delete.  You’ll be asked to confirm you want to delete the chosen contacts:

Verify you desire to delete the contacts.  All chosen contacts, along with any associated tasks, comments and history, is deleted.

A reminder that the administrator of the account can deny permission to any user to delete contacts.  For more information on PlaybookIQ permission management, visit our Help Center.

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