New letter template feature

PlaybookIQ now offers letter templates.  Letter templates are created just like an email template.  Under the template tab in your account, choose create a new template.  In addition to name fields, you can now add in address and date fields.  After composing the letter, you’ll be given the choice to create the template as a letter (pdf) or email.Continue reading “New letter template feature”

Free Subscription for Veterans

In honor of our United States veterans, we’re offering a free solo subscription to PlaybookIQ to any United States service member, active or inactive.  Please visit our site at  If our service can help your business, contact us at to set up your free account.  Thank you for your service! *Number of subscriptionsContinue reading “Free Subscription for Veterans”

Bulk deleting contacts

PlaybookIQ offers several ways to affect multiple contacts at once, saving time in managing contacts.  These include adding and deleting tags, adding a task, assigning a playbook, and managing steps within a playbook.  Now users can also bulk delete contacts. For example, a group of contacts imported from a purchased list have completed all stepsContinue reading “Bulk deleting contacts”

Easy tracking of comments and history

With PlaybookIQ, all actions completed and comments written are recorded for perpetuity in the History and Comments section of a contact.  Users can now easily review comments only with our color and icon differentiated entries. When the contact full history is shown, user generated comments are now preceded by a balloon and appear in blackContinue reading “Easy tracking of comments and history”

CRM Import Help – Improved in PlaybookIQ

CRM import can be at once one of the simplest tasks and yet also one of the most rife for errors.  Contact data is relatively simple.  There are some basic fields for all contacts that most all CRM products support (name, address, email, phone, etc.).  There are contact information standards such as vcard that canContinue reading “CRM Import Help – Improved in PlaybookIQ”

PlaybookIQ increases custom contact fields

PlaybookIQ now offers 20 custom contact fields for each PlaybookIQ account.  Custom contact fields allow users to capture contact information specific to their business or industry. Setting up custom fields is easy in PlaybookIQ.  Under the Admin link in each account is a Custom Fields option.  Simply click “edit”, input the desired fields, and save.Continue reading “PlaybookIQ increases custom contact fields”

Web Forms Make Inbound Marketing Work For You

Make your blogging effort pay off Make sure you have an easy way to capture prospects once they’re at your blog.  You’ve peaked their interest, now make the contact  and potential sale. Add PlaybookIQ Web Forms to your inbound marketing programs Use a PlaybookIQ web form to capture inbound marketing opportunities at your website.  Web forms areContinue reading “Web Forms Make Inbound Marketing Work For You”

Inbound Marketing Works

According to HubSpot’s latest report: “Marketing Data: 50+ Marketing Charts and Graphs”, small business owners find inbound marketing to be much more effective than outbound marketing. Inbound marketing has a 60% lower cost per lead than outbound marketing. Respondents also reported shifting more of their overall marketing budget from outbound to inbound efforts. 100% ofContinue reading “Inbound Marketing Works”

PlaybookIQ Affiliate Program

We are happy to announce the launch of the PlaybookIQ affiliate program.  If you like PlaybookIQ, we want to reward you for recommending it to friends and colleagues.  We know there are people that are happy to recommend it to others without any expectation of compensation.  Still, we think recognizing your contribution to PlaybookIQ’s growthContinue reading “PlaybookIQ Affiliate Program”