Feature enhancements

Last week we implemented two user suggested enhancements to PlaybookIQ.  One enhancement involves the steps shown on your dashboard.  Previously, multiple steps within the same Playbook may have appeared on your dashboard if one or more of the steps were past due.  Now, only the current step is shown.  Second, the contact title and contactContinue reading “Feature enhancements”

New in PlaybookIQ: ‘Recent’ – History at a Glance

You can now get a quick overview of recent activity across your entire sales team, with the new ‘Recent’ tab in PlaybookIQ.  You have told us that an understanding of what happened over the last hour, days, or week is critical to team communication.  It helps you get the big picture and is a veryContinue reading “New in PlaybookIQ: ‘Recent’ – History at a Glance”

New in PlaybookIQ: Web Forms

With Web Forms, you create publicly accessible web-to-lead forms to capture prospect information from a web page hosted by us. PlaybookIQ hosts the web page and creates contacts out of each response entered on the page.  For example, here is one we created for people interested in more information about PlaybookIQ.  Let’s see how it works.Continue reading “New in PlaybookIQ: Web Forms”

Speed Improvements

This weekend, PlaybookIQ received some system tuning and additional hardware.  These improvements have resulted in faster application response times and less waiting for you, especially in the areas of searching and opening contacts.  We thank you for your patience and hope your experience with PlaybookIQ is improved.  As always, let us know through email, Twitter,Continue reading “Speed Improvements”

Performance Improvements in PlaybookIQ

Recent performance monitoring on PlaybookIQ has resulted in the launch today of a faster system. With the addition of multiple playbooks, a contact’s playbook and step information can get much more detailed.  The newly tuned contacts screen handles display of this additional information without impacting response time. All changes in this release are behind theContinue reading “Performance Improvements in PlaybookIQ”

Launched in PlaybookIQ: Assign multiple playbooks to a contact

We are adding a new feature to PlaybookIQ.  With this new feature you can assign more than one playbook to a contact.  When you apply a playbook to a contact, any existing playbook assignments remain unchanged.  For example you can assign the ‘Seminar attendees’ playbook to ‘West Coast Supply’, even if they are already onContinue reading “Launched in PlaybookIQ: Assign multiple playbooks to a contact”

Book Review: Blog Blazers

Here’s the book that has gotten me interested in blogging again. Just like a good blog, “Blog Blazers” is full of timely information written in a very readable format. The question and answer format is surprisingly effective and Stephane Grenier presents the expertise in a very practical, actionable, motivational, and entertaining format. Whether you readContinue reading “Book Review: Blog Blazers”