Book Review: Blog Blazers

516l-ei0rvl_sl500_aa240_Here’s the book that has gotten me interested in blogging again.

Just like a good blog, “Blog Blazers” is full of timely information written in a very readable format. The question and answer format is surprisingly effective and Stephane Grenier presents the expertise in a very practical, actionable, motivational, and entertaining format.

Whether you read “Blog Blazers” from front-to-back or jump around to your favorite bloggers, each page offers actionable advice that you can use to immediately improve your efforts. If you do not have an active blog, the discussions on the benefits of blogging and the supportive advice of successful bloggers will make you want to kick start your efforts straight away. Its actionable (“5 best tips for blogging”) and motivational content makes the book a valuable read.

I was impressed with the quality of bloggers interviewed. The focus of the book is how to be _successful_ at blogging and the success of its subjects is impressive. Bloggers that I have read for years such as Eric Sink and Seth Godin are interviewed. It’s like having a direct line to the top bloggers.

The variety of bloggers is also a pleasant surprise. Being in the technology business, it is easy to forget the limitless range of subjects upon with successful blogs are based. “Blog Blazers” interviews include business and software blogs, but also include interviews with bloggers of topics such as weight loss, fashion, parenting, and finance.

Though the author and the bloggers interviewed in “Blog Blazers” present their advice better than I can summarize it here, I will list a few of my favorite take-aways. First, “get started”. Obvious advice, yet a reminder that is evidently required because many of the interviewees mentioned it. Secondly; like any writing, blogging requires writing skills. Do not worry about SEO, ads, or monetization until you have the writing down and honed. (Blog Blazers has plenty of advice on how to write better as well). Third, be consistent and persistent. Successful blogging is not (usually) a result of overnight success.

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