What We Do


Before a single line of code is written, we listen. In this phase of the process, you tell us all you know about where your idea has been and where you see it going. Discussions help ensure that we understand your vision and goals for the application. It’s here we come to agreement on the goals of the project and an approach of working together.


We lay out the design and requirements for a minimum viable product. It’s here we turn some of the goals and vision we learned about from you into a tangible product.

But there is more than just coding here. Because our process is agile and iterative, this phase includes iterations of design and testing.


Once we have a feature ready to go, there’s no need to wait until the entire project is done to show it to you. By continuously deploying to the cloud while development is underway, you get a real-time look into how your application is coming together. You help shape the direction of the next iteration and watch your idea come to life quickly.

What People Say

…a tremendous asset in our efforts to create a complex SaaS product from prototype to launch.

Roland Marcus, President and Founder of FluoroFinder.com

…combines amazing development skills with complete integrity.

Kerry Murdock, Editor and Publisher, Practical eCommerce

…able to deliver business value with surprising speed.

Chris Bernard, Software Engineer now at Google

What We Work With

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