Why I Love my iPhone Camera

Yes, I said “Love-It”. Even with no flash, low megapixel, no zoom, no movies, no tripod mount, and no sound. All of its shortcomings are overshadowed by *accessibility* and *ease of photo uploading*.

Prior to the iPhone, I would always notice small shots I would like to take — but found I did not have a camera with me. Or, the opposite would happen and I would bring my camera and find nothing interesting to shoot. Now, unless I know I am going to want a large zoom, I leave my my Canon S3-IS at home. My iPhone: I have it with me all the time. It is accessible.

Prior to the iPhone, I had a backlog of photos on the cameras that need to go to my laptop, and then a backlog of photos on my laptop that need to go to flickr. Now, uploading photos to flickr is almost instantaneous with iPhone applications like Klick.

All of this is to make a point about product features. Even with the un-impressive specs of the iPhone camera, I am happy to be able to walk out the door and not wonder, “should I bring a camera?”. I’m happy to finally be sharing photos I take with friends and family.

Actionable point:
– Find something in your product that you think is a underperforming feature and resist the urge to crank up the performance.  Instead, think of the related positives that offer something your competitors don’t.

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