Launched in PlaybookIQ: Assign multiple playbooks to a contact

We are adding a new feature to PlaybookIQ.  With this new feature you can assign more than one playbook to a contact.  When you apply a playbook to a contact, any existing playbook assignments remain unchanged.  For example you can assign the ‘Seminar attendees’ playbook to ‘West Coast Supply’, even if they are already on the ‘Prospect’ playbook.  ‘West Coast Supply’ remains a ‘Prospect’, while also receiving the additional treatment of ‘Seminar attendees’.

This new feature appears on the details screen for every contact:

Assigning a playbook

The previous version of playbook assignments allowed for just one playbook at a time:

In the new version, you can apply multiple playbooks:

Removing playbook assignments

In the previous version, you removed a playbook from a contact by assigning the ‘blank’ playbook choice:

In the new version, if you wish to remove a playbook, you do so by simply clicking ‘remove’ and confirming.  As always, each time you apply or remove a playbook, that action is captured in the contact’s comments and history.  We hope you enjoy the new multiple playbooks feature in PlaybookIQ.

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