New in PlaybookIQ: Web Forms

With Web Forms, you create publicly accessible web-to-lead forms to capture prospect information from a web page hosted by us. PlaybookIQ hosts the web page and creates contacts out of each response entered on the page.  For example, here is one we created for people interested in more information about PlaybookIQ.  Let’s see how it works.

Admin / Web Forms

First, we need to create the web form.  In the admin section of your account, you will notice a section called ‘Web Forms’.  Click ‘Manage’ and then ‘New’ to build our new form.

Form Title

First, give your new web form a title and description.

Customize Form Messages and Links

After creating your web form, customize its title, message and links.  Include a ‘Thank You’ message that will be displayed after someone submits your form.

Playbook Assignment

This is an important step.  When someone submits your web form, a new contact record is created.  That contact will appear on the first step of the playbook you specify here.

Your Web Form URL

After you save your new web form, you will see your new web form URL.  Use this web address in your emails and on your website to easily capture leads into your PlaybookIQ account.

Try it Out

Go ahead and click on your new web form URL.  Fill out and submit the form.  Now, go to your dashboard.  If the fist step of your playbook has “days: 0”, then you will see the newly entered contact in your PlaybookIQ account, ready for you to take action!

We really hope you like this new feature and thanks again for using PlaybookIQ CRM.

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