PlaybookIQ Affiliate Program

We are happy to announce the launch of the PlaybookIQ affiliate program.  If you like PlaybookIQ, we want to reward you for recommending it to friends and colleagues.  We know there are people that are happy to recommend it to others without any expectation of compensation.  Still, we think recognizing your contribution to PlaybookIQ’s growth is the right thing to do.

For each Paid Referred Subscriber who subscribes to a PlaybookIQ Monthly Plan you will receive a Referral Fee equal to 50% of the first month paid subscription and 15% for every succeeding month.   All the details of the affiliate program are found in the PlaybookIQ affiliate agreement.  If interested, you can apply to become a PlaybookIQ affiliate by filling out this simple form.

Thank you again for using, and now for recommending, PlaybookIQ.

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