Easy tracking of comments and history

With PlaybookIQ, all actions completed and comments written are recorded for perpetuity in the History and Comments section of a contact.  Users can now easily review comments only with our color and icon differentiated entries.

When the contact full history is shown, user generated comments are now preceded by a balloon and appear in black lettering.  System generated history (contact created, task completed, etc) are preceded with a green check mark, have a gray background, and gray lettering:

This new format allows users to still see the big picture of their sales process but draws attention to comments.

Users can also now choose to view Comments only by clicking on the “Comments” link:

This new feature segments out comments only for easy review.   Clicking “History” returns to a listing of all user and system generated history.

One thought on “Easy tracking of comments and history

  1. Fantastic – a minor change, but a really helpful one! To see personal notes relating to a client relationship and relevant contact outcomes is very useful for quick reference to get upto speed when reviewing case notes. Thanks for listening to, and acting on, feedback! It makes it all the more easy to work with you guys. Keep it going!

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