New letter template feature

PlaybookIQ now offers letter templates.  Letter templates are created just like an email template.  Under the template tab in your account, choose create a new template.  In addition to name fields, you can now add in address and date fields.  After composing the letter, you’ll be given the choice to create the template as a letter (pdf) or email. Choose letter and save.

Letter templates are assigned to a playbook just like an email template.  When a letter template is assigned a step in the playbook and comes due, you will be given the option to ‘download pdf’ instead of ‘compose email.’ Once you send the letter, you can save it and attach to the contact under the Attach Document link.

To convert an existing email template to a letter template, choose the email template you’re converting.  Edit the template and add in the necessary address fields to the body of the template.  Choose to save as a letter template and save.  Now the former email template is now a letter template.

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