CRM Import Help – Improved in PlaybookIQ

CRM import can be at once one of the simplest tasks and yet also one of the most rife for errors.  Contact data is relatively simple.  There are some basic fields for all contacts that most all CRM products support (name, address, email, phone, etc.).  There are contact information standards such as vcard that can help facilitate import and export of contact data.  Yet even with the relative simplicity of contact data and the availability of vcard standards, we find that most PlaybookIQ users have their data in an Excel spreadsheet or in a text file.

Unfortunately, these file types are also among the least standard and least structured ways to share information.  We have recently introduced three updates to help smooth out the CRM import process.

  • We added a sample csv file that has been verified to import to PlaybookIQ.
  • We added a “common reasons” help section which identifies and describes common issues with csv files.
  • We simplified the import process from four steps down to two.

These small changes should make the import process more useful and more reliable.

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