PlaybookIQ Feature: Skip Playbook Step

While the use of playbooks in PlaybookIQ can help you build a repeatable and trackable sales process, there are certainly times when some of the steps in a given sales playbook do not apply to a certain contact or prospect.  To help smooth the process in those situations, we have added a new “skip” feature.Continue reading “PlaybookIQ Feature: Skip Playbook Step”

Field Selection for Web Forms

In a previous post, we encouraged you to increase your  inbound marketing effort with PlaybookIQ Web Forms.   We’re excited to announce the first of a series of improvements to our PlaybookIQ Web Forms, field choice. Now when you set up your web forms in PlaybookIQ, you can check the fields you want to include.Continue reading “Field Selection for Web Forms”

User friendly CRM for all!

In working to revamp the Import feature of PlaybookIQ, its becoming increasingly clear there is still a gap between the developer and the ordinary computer user.  For the technical partner, its easy to throw terms such as CSV, parsing, and “plain text” around (even in a single sentence!).  As the non-technical partner, it feels likeContinue reading “User friendly CRM for all!”

PlaybookIQ increases custom contact fields

PlaybookIQ now offers 20 custom contact fields for each PlaybookIQ account.  Custom contact fields allow users to capture contact information specific to their business or industry. Setting up custom fields is easy in PlaybookIQ.  Under the Admin link in each account is a Custom Fields option.  Simply click “edit”, input the desired fields, and save.Continue reading “PlaybookIQ increases custom contact fields”

Enhancement: Search Results UI

PlaybookIQ has always had a comprehensive search that lets you find and filter contacts by almost all contact fields, including custom fields. Today, we enhanced the search results screen with some new functionality and a new look. Here is the new screen, that has a more pleasing look and some additional functionality. The new searchContinue reading “Enhancement: Search Results UI”