Enhancement: Search Results UI

PlaybookIQ has always had a comprehensive search that lets you find and filter contacts by almost all contact fields, including custom fields. Today, we enhanced the search results screen with some new functionality and a new look.

Here is the new screen, that has a more pleasing look and some additional functionality.

The new search results screen:

Shows total number of contacts returned from the search.

Shows number of contacts clicked, in real-time.
As before, you can then take action on each contact checked. The new feedback as you check and uncheck contacts simply makes it more clear what impact you will make when taking an action on the checked items.

Previously, you add a tag, remove a tag, assign to playbook, or add a task to up to one page worth of results at a time. Now, you can click “Show all” to change from page view to complete list view of your results, allowing you to perform tasks on all contacts ‘with city of Denver’, for example.


Allows for mass management of all contacts in the search result.

We think these changes make creating lists and segmenting your contacts a little bit easier. Find out more at http://playbookiq.com.

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