This week in PlaybookIQ [SSL, search enhancements, Lighthouse, Twitter,]

Enhancement: Search results

Management of PlaybookIQ search results got some attention and enhancements this week. Details at the product blog.

SSL for All!

We added SSL to all accounts, even the 30 day free trials. Blogged here.

Lighthouse and Github

Moved the product’s repository to Github and our milestones and issue tracking to Lighthouse. Highly recommended products and also the tools used by Rails core team and contributors.


Started playbookiq twittering at

Sometimes, communication lacks because we do not want to take the time to crank up our blog editor or email client or we feel like a blog entry should be more substantial than just ‘system up!’. Twitter is the perfect mix of very fast to post to, easy to subscribe to, and with the expectation from the reader that entries will be short and focused.

Investigating the reliability and scalability benefits of running in the cloud, and found to be a straightforward way to deploy Rails apps to a distributed environment. Their reliability history and 99.9% SLA gaurantee are encouraging. More details to come.

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  1. Hey, Scott!

    Thanks for taking the time to test drive the Morph Appspace. We hope you find it suitable to your standards. We’d be excited to hear some feedback from you and please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any concern.

    Best of luck.

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