Derailed: The Denver Rails User Group

I attended the Denver on Rails User Group, aka “Derailed” last night at the Tattered Cover bookstore downtown Denver. There were about 20 folks there in various stages of Rails experience. Some having worked with it from the start and some just starting. Some guys were excited to be working in Rails full time andContinue reading “Derailed: The Denver Rails User Group”

Why You Should Have a Non-Technical Business Partner

If you are a micro-ISV, you should have a non-technical business partner. Accountability, Motivation and Focus are certainly over-used words, yet are also hurdles that most likely trip up most technical minded programmers turned business owners. Those with the interest and technical aptitude to design and develop programs will find the design and development tasksContinue reading “Why You Should Have a Non-Technical Business Partner”

About the title

For those asking about the blog’s title; “Now, Do It” has subtle differences from “Do It Now” (Steve Pavlina) and “Just Do It” (Nike). “Now, Do It” is personal for me because I have studied and been active in business and technology for over 15 years. I have four years of undergraduate business and computerContinue reading “About the title”

First Post

We have started a software company. If you would like to follow along with us as we go through the process of launching a new company and a new product, then you are in the right place. Join us here for daily insights into what it is like to leave corporate America and launch aContinue reading “First Post”