Performance Improvements in PlaybookIQ

Recent performance monitoring on PlaybookIQ has resulted in the launch today of a faster system. With the addition of multiple playbooks, a contact’s playbook and step information can get much more detailed.  The newly tuned contacts screen handles display of this additional information without impacting response time. All changes in this release are behind theContinue reading “Performance Improvements in PlaybookIQ”

Launched in PlaybookIQ: Assign multiple playbooks to a contact

We are adding a new feature to PlaybookIQ.  With this new feature you can assign more than one playbook to a contact.  When you apply a playbook to a contact, any existing playbook assignments remain unchanged.  For example you can assign the ‘Seminar attendees’ playbook to ‘West Coast Supply’, even if they are already onContinue reading “Launched in PlaybookIQ: Assign multiple playbooks to a contact”

Book Review: Blog Blazers

Here’s the book that has gotten me interested in blogging again. Just like a good blog, “Blog Blazers” is full of timely information written in a very readable format. The question and answer format is surprisingly effective and Stephane Grenier presents the expertise in a very practical, actionable, motivational, and entertaining format. Whether you readContinue reading “Book Review: Blog Blazers”

Your PlaybookIQ Tasks for Today: Email Reminders

  Heres a simple new feature that can make your work a bit easier.  To get daily email reminders of your tasks due simply click ‘Edit’ in the top right of the application to open your user profile.  There, you will see a new profile item, “Email Reminders”.  This was a highly requested feature thatContinue reading “Your PlaybookIQ Tasks for Today: Email Reminders”