Sample Data

The best way to see what a software product can do and to tell if it’s a fit for your needs to see it populated with data.  In some applications you get “preview” screenshots which are sample data presented as static images where your real data will eventually show up when entered.  The preview screenshots are better and more helpful than looking at a blank-slate.  But, they don’t let you get your hands on data and see how the app actually functions.

So, instead of static screenshots to fill in the blank-slate, we now provide each new PlaybookIQ account will sample data.  When a new account is created, you will see a sample contact.

That contact will be assigned to a sample playbook, sample tags and a sample task.  Go ahead and click around in the sample contact.  Complete a step in the playbook to see how 1) the contact is automatically moved to the next step, 2) a comment is automatically added to history and 3) the user responsible for the next step will see it due on their dashboard and calendar.

We hope you agree that sample data is a great way to get hands on experience with PlaybookIQ.

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