Developer Notes: NetBeans, ScreenFlow, and Viddler


Started using NetBeans for development this week. So far, so good. Things I have found useful:

  • Inline, real-time syntax error checking (no more missing ‘end’ statements or misspelled keywords at test or runtime – catch them while typing and in the ‘flow’ instead).
  • Code completion, including model attributes (was that attribute name “mac_enabled” or “mac_capable”?)
  • Instant, context-aware, Rails and Ruby docs and inline method parameter hints.
  • All of the Textmate key bindings and shortcuts included.

Some of these features are available in Textmate and the jury is still out on whether to switch. If so, a more detailed write up will follow.


All of our screen recordings are done with ScreenFlow. It’s an excellent, easy, powerful way to create video recordings from the Mac desktop and iSight camera. Everything you need to record and edit is included. Recommended.


Viddler makes it very easy to host and embed videos in any webpage and blog. Viddler videos are high quality and have very smooth playback. Our first Viddler video is toward the bottom of this product blog entry.

3 thoughts on “Developer Notes: NetBeans, ScreenFlow, and Viddler

  1. Hey –

    Started using NetBeans 6.1 last week for doing Ramaze (Ruby) development, and was a bit frustrated as I couldn’t remap the “open project file” (Command T in TextMate) – did you find a way? (Defaults to Alt + Shift + F in Windows NetBeans).


  2. kez: In Netbeans 6.5 on Mac, I found it under Preferences | Options | Keymap | Tools | Go To File… There I was able to add a keymapping of Cmd-T to the Go To File… menu item.

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