Developer Notes: and Five Runs

Morph Labs and FiveRuns Partner is a scalable cloud-computing deployment “Platform as a Service (PaaS) ” with features like backups, distributed processing, and 99.9% reliability built-in. FiveRuns “provides simple and affordable products for monitoring Rails applications and their supporting infrastructure.”

I have used both companies’ products and services and am excited to see they will be offered in one package. Right now, offers FiveRuns TuneUp integrated into its platform including the free developer version. Which is great because TuneUp is designed to identify performance issues during development, prior to production. TuneUp gives Rails developers insight into performance hogs in their apps. Visualize exactly which pieces of code are taking too much time so that Rails developers can efficiently focus their performance improvement efforts.

In the future, another FiveRuns product, Manage, will be available as a value-added, paid, feature. More info at the blog.

The cloud computing route gets more and more attractive all the time, and with partnerships such as these, the benefits of letting expert third parties build and manage the environment gets more and more attractive as well.

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