This week in PlaybookIQ

Looking for a more professional look to match our small business CRM target audience, the PlaybookIQ product site got a complete revamp this week.

The previous site was – in the tradition of web 2.0 – simple, sparse, and curvy. The new design is pleasant, yet more focused on the facts and geared toward business users. Out with simple, in with informative and useful.

It also includes plenty of blue – a color associated with business, trust, and reliability. The primary font is Georgia, a serif font that dresses the site up a bit from a t-shirt into business-casual, at least.

As a technical aside: Blueprint grid is used for css and layout. Images are heavily used for a consistent look across browsers.

Overall, our new product site more clearly communicates the small business crm and sales team collaboration benefits of PlaybookIQ.

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