New Feature: Copy Playbooks

In PlaybookIQ, playbooks contain your sales team’s best practices. Each playbook is a series of repeatable and measurable steps that can be easily applied to a contact. Each step is assigned a timeline and responsible user. In this way, PlaybookIQ truly combines small business CRM with sales team collaboration and sales best practices.

Sometimes you might want to duplicate the series of steps in a playbook, but assign tasks to different users. Now, we have made it super easy to do so.

1. Open the playbook (Playbooks tab, click on a playbook title).
2. Click on the ‘copy’ link.

PlaybookIQ will automatically create a brand new playbook, with all step definitions copied over. You can then go in and modify the new playbook by changing who is assigned each step, removing steps, adding steps, or whatever you wish.

This is just one of many small enhancements coming up soon that will make it faster and easier than ever to get the most out of PlaybookIQ.

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