This week in PlaybookIQ

As we continue to improve our products we added two new features to our small business CRM software, PlaybookIQ this week.

Message Templates

A consistent company image and messages to customers and prospects is an important part of your customer relationship and marketing efforts. PlaybookIQ now supports this aspect with Message Templates.

Use message templates to:

  • Be efficient: no need to retype the same email over and over.
  • Be consistent: ensure everyone on your team is putting forth a consistent company image.
  • Be effective: spend your time writing well authored email responses that can be used over and over.
  • Be personal: include the contact’s name in the message template.

Copy Playbooks

In PlaybookIQ, playbooks contain your sales team’s best practices. Each playbook is a series of repeatable and measurable steps that can be easily applied to a contact. Each step is assigned a timeline and responsible user. Now, we have made it super easy to duplicate the series of steps in a playbook, but assign tasks to different users

All the details are at the PlaybookIQ product blog.

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