1 Reason I Love the SaaS Model as a Software User

I wrote about why the Software as a Service model appeals to us as a software vendor (recurring revenue) and also wrote about the biggest SaaS benefit to our customers (the continuous expectation of excellent customer service even after the initial “purchase”). Here now is just one reason I love SaaS as a user.

As I mentioned before, I use livetimer.com for keeping track of my time to review for personal productivity improvement purposes. I recommend FreshBooks.com for billing purposes. I personally use 37s products, Google products, and other SaaS apps. And I do so even though the functionality of many of these apps could be provided by installed desktop apps.


No Effort Upgrades are Like Free Surprise Bonus Prizes

Each one of these has implement small improvements to their UI or functionality over the last couple weeks. Instead of saving them up to a feature list of enhancements to come out in the next release, the vendors were able to roll them out when ready. Because they are not messing with my machine, they didn’t need to interrupt me with a prompt asking if I want to install the upgrades and reboot. (Because installed apps want to change something on my machine when upgrading, I do want installed applications to interrupt and prompt me. For those apps, this behaviour is preferred so don’t get me wrong there.)

With SaaS apps new improvements in the SaaS apps I use just show up every week at no additional cost to me in money or time. And when trying to reduce the interruptions in my worklife, this method of upgrade delivery is a huge benefit.

4 thoughts on “1 Reason I Love the SaaS Model as a Software User

  1. I totally agree with you! It is extremely satisfying to see minor improvements in SaaS apps while I use them. Especially when there are no interruptions.

    The gradual evolution allows us to remain focused on our tasks without forcing us to “re-learn” how to us the apps.

  2. Alex – that’s a good point too. Gradual changes and improvements are easier to absorb than major changes to a system.

  3. As both a user and developer of SaaS applications myself, I also really appreciate the benefits of making incremental changes. Users are able to provide immediate feedback to these changes, which can be considered when planning the next round of changes. This feedback loop really helps keep an application focused. Since Alex mentioned “gradual evolution”, I would say that feedback is the process of natural selection.

    By the way, Scott, we’ve got quite a few more “bonus prizes” coming soon in LiveTimer.com!

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