Business Network International

In Low Tech Local I wrote about the importance of local marketing efforts saying “why not take a few moments from global-domination SEO efforts and give good old local customers a shot.”

Build a Business with Referrals outlined six steps to lay the foundation for a referral strategy.

And 7 Steps to Improved Small Business Marketing Results, showed a systematic approach that any small business can take to improve their marketing reach, including the importance of testimonials.

Business Network International (BNI) is an organization that has not only been preaching these lessons for 22 years, but is apparently full of members who also practice them with great results. I attended a BNI Denver visitors’ meeting this morning to find out more. What I understand from this session is that BNI has established processes that put importance on local referrals and member testimonials. Because of my confidence in this approach, as a prospective member it was great to hear that it is BNI’s approach as well.

If we join BNI I will follow-up with more detail. Until then, if you think that personal referral marketing and networking would be beneficial to your business, take a look at your local BNI chapter.

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