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If you have not yet checked out, take a look. Addthis is self-described as “Simple and recognizable widgets to help your visitors save and promote your website or blog to the social bookmarking and feed reader services!”.

I would have just said that you can replace this:

with this:

When someone clicks the “Bookmark” button, they are brought to the above list of options. Keeps your blog nice and clean but still offer your readers their favorite social bookmarking options.

How to Add This

When you sign up for an account, AddThis will create the button code for you based on how you are using it (website, blog, etc.). Simply cut and paste and you’re good to go. If you are using Typo, I’ll post a shot howto on our Rails blog.


AddThis also has button statistics built in so you can see how many times each bookmark or feed is collected.

4 thoughts on “Add This

  1. Hi Scott,

    Cool tip. You need to fix the link, though. You left off one of the d’s in AddThis and the link goes to some spammy site.

  2. We’ve looked into this and didn’t get the same amout of digs from others that we did when they were broken out. I think you just want to make it simple, and leave it that way without being cluttered.

  3. Nick,
    Thanks for sharing that. I was wondering about that myself. Especially in regard to Digg, because it is so well known. I can see how a button that specifically calls to action to “Digg This” will get more results than the more generic Add This.

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