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Review – Overnight Prints

In the past week I’ve shared my picks for domain name registration and stock photography. Needing to order more business cards this weekend prompted me to share that Overnight Prints has provided good results in the past and I recommend them if you are looking for an printer online.


They print cards on 15lb stock and offer free glossy and full-bleed options. Overnight Prints uses full color offset printing for quality results and their interface is quick and easy to use. Just upload your image, preview the card, and checkout.

They are thicker than usual, heavy, clearly printed, and have rounded corners to add an additional mark of difference. It reinforces a professional image when people say “wow – nice cards”.

Prices: about 10 bucks for 100, $40 for 1000.

Do You Need a Business Card?

Yes. In the Internet driven world, it is easy to think that occasions where you will be face-to-face with peers and with potential customers are limited. But, even if you do 100% of your business online, you likely have many opportunities a week to share your business with others. When someone asks you what you do, why not hand him or her a card (or two)? They may just pitch it, or they may find it laying around their desk one day and take a look at your website, resulting in a call or referral. At as low as 4 cents per card, it is an inexpensive way to get the word out.

What Should Be On Your Card

If you have only your name, title, phone, and email address on your card; then you are missing out on a chance to tell the whole story. Most business cards are underutilized. There is plenty of room to put a short note about the benefits you can offer customers and a call to action to visit a website. If you don’t do so because you might offer different benefits to different customers, you could order a couple sets of cards; each customized to a target market. (Or you could narrow your target!) If you don’t do so because there is not room, take off your title and fax number, freeing up two lines right there.

The Actionable Point

Don’t just put your name and number on your card. Use your business card like any other form of marketing to help people understand what you do and how it can improve their personal or professional lives.

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