Limited Time Domain Name Offer

If you are buying domain names in bulk, the savings from this limited time offer from can quickly add up. Check it out.

Needing to register a few dozen domain names for a new project, I did some searching for the lowest domain name registration price and found this offer to register domain names for only $2.95 each for an unlimited number. Deal ends Feb. 28th and domains renew at $8.95 next year if you keep them at HostMySite.


You get full DNS control and 24×7×365 support. I expected the registration experience to suffer from such a low price, but I had no problems signing up and can fully manage the domains through the control panel. Also, the online support staff was responsive.

The Actionable Point

I just wanted to share this deal in case anyone else is looking to buy a stack of names.

[*] I am in no way affiliated with nor get anything from

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