Rails Rumble

Rails Rumble is a “48 hour design/develop/deploy competition”. The 2008 Rails Rumble is the weekend of October 18th and 19th (GMT) and the Rails Rumble blog is now online. The organizers explain the rumble this way.

For those of you who weren’t involved last year, the Rumble is a 48 hour design/develop/deploy competition. Basically, you get one weekend to exploit the awesome power of Ruby on Rails to create and launch the best web-based application that you can. Then, the general public gets to vote for the best by rating them in a number of different categories—design/aesthetics, completeness, uniqueness, and overall usefulness. The winners get some pretty great prizes, thanks to our sponsors (who will be announced shortly).

Oh yeah, it’s also a lot of fun . . . Really! Think of the event as a miniature startup incubator, and use it as an excuse to deliver a v1 of that idea you’ve been sitting on for 6 months. Or, if you’re new to Rails, use it as an excuse to test drive a new technology and see just how far you can get with it in a very constrained timeframe.

Find out more at their blog and stay tuned to Rails Rumble on Twitter.

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