New Feature: Export a Segmented List in PlaybookIQ

Here is how to segment your contacts and export a list the segment as a list. You may want to do this in order to create a mailing list from which to invite VIP contacts to a special event or to create a list to send to your bulk email provider.

1.) Enter criteria on the search page
On the search page, you can enter criteria for your list. Every contact field, including tags and custom fields, can be used for searching and basic segmentation.

2.) Export search results
When you click “Find” on the search page, all contacts matching your criteria are returned. Click the “Export these” link and follow the web browser prompts to save or open the newly created file.


In this 15 second video, we create a list of our contacts from Colorado that are tagged “Gold”.

There’s more:
Tagging, untagging, tasking, and assigning to playbooks.

Besides exporting all contacts matching your criteria, you can select contacts on which to perform bulk operations. The operations currently supported are add a tag, remove a tag, create a task, and assign to a playbook. This feature is a powerful way to manage groups of contacts.

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