New Feature: CRM Activity Report

As noted in previous posts, we built PlaybookIQ from the start to be an effective CRM tool for small- to mid-sized organizations to collaborate on their efforts, follow a consistent sales process, and gain insight into their results. When launched, PlaybookIQ offered the Pipeline Overview which shows you how many contacts are at each step of each of your playbooks. This is helpful for identifying process bottlenecks. Today, we announce a new view into your organization’s activity.

With the Activity Reports you can see what you, or others in your organization, got done recently. You simply specify the user and a date range to see a summary of all activity. This is helpful to review progress and to remind yourself of what you were working on in a given timeframe. We hope you like it.

To see this report, and other features of PlaybookIQ, sign into your account at Or, sign up for a new account, it’s free and at no risk.


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