Business of Software Conference 2007

It’s an impressive speaker line up at the Business of Software Conference, October 29th and 30th in San Jose. Scheduled to speak: Guy Kawasaki, Joel Spolsky, Eric Sink, Rick Chapman, Bill Buxton, Jeffrey Pfeffer, Hugh MacLeod, Dan Nunan, Tim Lister, Jennifer Aaker and others to be announced.

In the words of organizer Neil Davidson:In October 1999 Simon Galbraith and I [Neil] set up Red Gate Software. Over the past 8 years we’ve grown from 2 people to almost 100. Although we have had our successes, we’ve also made plenty of mistakes. The people who I’ve invited to speak at Business of Software 2007 are world-class thinkers, doers, writers and speakers who I wish I’d heard of earlier, and listened to more. I’m hoping that by bringing them together in one place, over two days, we will all learn how to set up, grow and run our businesses better.

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