Is Anyone Else Seeing Duplicates?

I’m asking for some help. If you can help me troubleshoot this, please respond in the comments section of this post.

Is anyone else seeing my blog posts duplicated in their reader? Has it been going on for a while? What reader are you using? Have you ever experienced this on your blog and what was the cause?

Thanks! And I apologize for the clutter.

23 thoughts on “Is Anyone Else Seeing Duplicates?

  1. Scott,

    I’ve been seeing duplicates for the past week or so, although I haven’t seen one for this post yet.


  2. Hello.

    Been seeing duplicates on Google Reader, both from your direct feed and from your posts on Planet MicroISV. But not on this post, just as Lee.

  3. Thanks Lee, Rodrigo, and Oliver for the input. And thank you for still taking a look at these entries even with the dupes. I’ve found other people that have had this happen, yet have not found a solution yet. Still working it.

  4. Hey Scott. I’ve been seeing dupes for a couple of weeks now. I’m using Newsgator Online. Did see a dupe of this post also.

  5. Scott – I’ve also been seeing dupes for a few weeks. I’m using Google Reader with your feedburner feed. I’ll add your direct site feed to Reader as well to see if the behaviour is consistent over the next few days.

  6. I’ve been seeing duplicates for a while now. I’m subscribed to the Planet Micro ISV feed using Newsgator online. The number of duplicates tends to increase as time passes, usually there’s only two copies of each post, but there’s usually 3 or 4 the next time I log in.

  7. Here’s another (potential) clue. Up until the “Making of a Web App: Part 8 – Styleguide” post, I was getting 4 copies of each article. I got 3 copies of the “Why a Big Budget Will Kill Your Software Project” and the only 2 copies each of the 3 posts related to duplicates.

    I’m guessing from the time-stamps that I didn’t receive the 4th copy of the “Big Budget” post because that’s when you changed something on your system … and that that same change has cut the duplicates from 4 to 2.

    It should also be noted that the posts don’t show up at the same time, though I can’t give you a pattern.

    I’m using Akregator embedded in Kontact.

  8. Hey Scott,

    I’m not seeing any dupes: What I do see is that
    frequently all feed entries are become unread when
    it appears only one of them has changed.

    I’m using the “All the News” Eclipse plug-in, v3.0.5.


  9. I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one. Scott I noticed something strange about your feedburner feed:

    Compare the two:

    Yours returns an XML file and mine leads to a webpage with the feed data.

    Try this, on the feedburner site, goto “My Feeds”, click your feed, choose “Optimize”, make sure “SmartFeed” and “BrowserFriendly” are activated. My theme is “ClearFeed (English)”… then save.

    That might solve the problem.

    Good luck!

  10. Thanks Alex. I’ve made the changes you recommended. Anything is worth a try at this point. This post is up to 9 entries in the feedburner feed now. Still working on resolving it.

  11. Scott – Since I’ve subscribed to both your Feedburner and direct feeds, I’ve received dupes on both. Some of the dupes I received this morning were links to the domain instead of This happened in both feeds. All the links resolved fine, BTW.

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