”The notion of drawing as the core skill within Fine Art has been the subject of a challenging and contentious debate within recent years in education. The commercial galleries have never promoted drawing as a significant activity, and sometimes artists themselves have contributed to the mystification of the subject, collaborating with markets and the media which place a high value on the ‘immaculate conception’ of art works, which means that intermediate stages in the conception process are hardly ever seen, only the finished piece. … a false view of what really happens in the studios of artists around the globe.”Complete Art Foundation Course

Though software is not art (or is it?), “Process” should not be a dirty word. Designers and developers should own up to intermediate work that it takes to design a great web application. Regardless of what the tool vendors and framework proponents would have you think, making a great web app requires as much work as ever. It’s just that now that work can be put into the more creative aspects of design. And that means it will not always be right the first time, even if it looks to be so. Picasso had no fear, in this regard. Do you?

[Though I’m no Picasso, I hope our Making of a Web App series, which shows one way how to make a web app, removes some ‘mystification of the subject’.]
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