Putting the Log Back in Blog

If weblog conventions were developed today, they would probably be different than those that evolved from the first web logs, because so much of blogging has nothing to do with “logging”. This blog is that way. This is not so much a log of anything as a place to share ideas on business and technology.

Wanting a place to simply log plans, accomplishments, and daily updates for our products and for our company I am launching two new blogs with the intent that they host simple “what happened today” log entries.

Product Blog

The product blog was launched today and will get postings of product plans, accomplishments, features, feedback, and system status. This new blog is about how to get the most from LeadsOnRails.

MicroISV Blog

What, you say? You thought this was a micro-isv blog? It was – it is. But again, I still want a place to actually log daily events. To launch next week, it will be an account of our day-to-day micro isv activities. Maybe it will be so mundane that no one reads it – and that is fine. This new blog will be just for the sake of keeping a record so that when we look back we can remember where all the time went and what fun we had. Tentative name: microisvjournal.com. I’ll make one more posting when it launches, and then probably will not really talk much about it here after that.


So why separate blogs instead of just tacking them onto here? The answer is focus and an attempt to keep content relevant to the blog’s topic.

I just started reading Bob Walsh’s newest book clear blogging (full review later) and jumped right to Chapter 4: What Do Good Blogs Share to try to soak up some ideas from the masters. Focus caught my attention. Blogs can quickly become a big bucket into which the author pours his or her thoughts about everything and anything. I hope to be finding ways to focus information to only those people that find it relevant. (I am starting a couple other blogs on top of these two mentioned here as well. More on those later.)

So there – I’ve done my part today to contribute to the 175,000 new blogs that are started every single day!

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