Surprise Your Customers

iStockPhoto surprised me this week and made an impression with a small token.

After choosing to buy a photo, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a free download from their “Before & After Magazine” series. This small token:

1. made the purchase mentionable

2. added value

3. validated my decision to do business with iStockPhoto

This was not an incentive to buy. I did not know the guide would be offered when I decided to buy the photo. It was simply a surprise.

But for iStockPhoto, it is a great idea! This useful guide (“How to crop photos for function and meaning”) cost iStockPhoto nothing extra to deliver and provided value to both of us in return.

Plus, it gave me a chance to preview the quality of the “Before and After Magazine” series; attempting to encourage me to purchase others in the series.

The Actionable Point

What little token do you have that you can give to your customers not as a pre-purchase incentive, but as a surprise value-add?

2 thoughts on “Surprise Your Customers

  1. Great looking product guys.

    But I think your price points are too high. You market is probably SME’s, web designers, creative types, early adopters initially – and I may be wrong but I think you should reconsider to get volume.

    You also need an always free version in my opinion.

  2. Digger – thanks for the feedback and comments. Regarding price, our target market is small to medium size offices that spend money on leads, but do not put them to effective use. Some of our competitors charge $295 to $1500 as set up fees just to get started! That’s crazy! You can try for 14 days for free, no limitations and then can get a full year for $399. We believe the value is there, yet do truly appreciate your perspective as well.

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