We are going through a branding change. To better reflect the benefits of the Synap Software lead management solution, it has been re-branded from LeadsOnTrack to LeadsOnRails.

LeadsOnRails more clearly paints the picture of rail tracks, where LeadsOnTrack could mean any kind of tracks, or just “keeping track”.

Tracks remain an integral part of the product (LeadsOnRails users still use “tracks” to put a lead on a campaign path) yet not in the sense of “keeping track”. The new name helps avoid a message of keeping track of leads and contacts and reinforces the benefits of moving those leads forward.

With the LeadsOnRails name we are building marketing collateral (websites, one-pagers, brochures, etc.) around the product benefits that are also associated with railways:

Powerful and
On Schedule.

p.s. My friend Mark Cohen warns in his usual humourous way that an analogy with railways may not be the most promising, considering Amtrak’s image. So, hopefully readers and users are thinking about freight trains, not passenger trains. (He also got a laugh out of the fact that the very next article after “It’s not you…” starts with the word “We” – if nothing else I_ can provide a small dose of semi-regular entertainment).

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