Lead Conversion

To improve your lead conversion rate, avoid these common mistakes

1. Not having a standardized procedure for processing leads.

Without a standardized procedure, valuable leads can fall through the cracks. Having each lead on a track with a set protocol for developing the lead eliminates the loss of leads and profit. Standardized procedures also allows you to measure results to determine what works and what does not and to respond to more prospects in ways that have proven to work.

2. Reinventing the wheel

Once a procedure is in place that is successful for turning a lead into a sale, capture that process. With everyone in your office or on your staff following the same successful process, your sales will increase.

3. Failure to follow-up or deliver as promised

Customer service has never been as important as it is today. Leaving a potential customer wondering where their catalog is or why you didn’t call as promised turns a potential sale into a no-sale. Having your leads on an automated system prompts you to call, email or deliver to your client as promised. Strive not just to meet your customers’ expectation, but to exceed it.

4. Too many slips of paper

Sticky notes were a great invention of the twentieth century but have no place in today’s sales office. Convert from hand written notes to electronic note taking and automated task assignments or reminders rather then relying on the neon sticky.

5. Failure to inform clients of all available products you provide

Once you have established a customer relationship, don’t neglect to maximize your sales by failing to inform your clients of all your products. Automatic emails or reminders of the array of products or services you provide ensure your customers turn to you and not a competitor for all their related business needs.

6. Failure to contact your lead immediately

Once a lead is known, contact them immediately. Requests at a website for more information, brochures, or catalogs should be automatically responded to with an email thanking the customer for visiting your site and letting them know their information is on the way. Let them know you value them and are ready to help them with their needs.

For more information on how to utilize today’s technology to automate your lead management and sales process right now, go to LeadsOnRails.com.

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