Capture Leads from a Website

LeadsOnRails can now integrate with a customer’s website and can automatically send emails.

Integrate LeadsOnRails with your website to automatically capture information from prospective customers.

Information filled out on your website will be automatically recorded in the system and the lead is automatically put on a track specified by a promotion code. (The promotion code is a field that the prospective customer fills in, say in response to an advertisement; or it can be a fixed hidden field).

Then, using a built in auto-responder, send an email response instantly to capture their attention.

An overview of how it works

You direct prospects to your website via online ads, print ads, post cards, etc. When they arrive there, they enter their contact information in order to recieve more information such as a white-paper or product brochure.

When your future customer submits this request for more information, several things happen:

  • A record for this prospect is created in your system.
  • Your tracks are checked against the promotion code entered. If the promotion code matches a track’s promotion code then:
  • The lead is automatically put on that track.
  • If the first step of the assigned track is set to ‘user’=’email’ and a message template is defined then:
    • The message is automatically sent
    • and the lead is automatically moved to the next step.


Tracks work almost the same as before. You first create a new track and then add steps to it. You make a step an auto-responder step by assigning it to the “email user” and choosing which “message template” to send. “email” is a system created user that is used only to respond to email delivery steps.


Before creating an auto-responder step, you first need to create the message that will be sent. You do that under the new “Templates” menu item.

Try it out

See the LeadsOnRails site for more details.

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