Project Green – Lead and Prospect Management for Small Businesses

“Lead management is the new CRM.”

Here are current screenshots of our new product, codenamed “Green”, [now released as LeadsOnRails!] Click here to see it!

Many small offices and agencies:

  • spend a lot of time and money obtaining leads, yet
  • do not have an effective way to move the prospect through a marketing process (e.g. qualify the lead, route to someone for initial contact, send a letter, make a followup call).

Our Lead Manager product – Green – changes that.

With Green, small businesses can:

  • Establish a consistent pipeline process
  • Follow and track prospects
  • Continuously improve that process
  • Help ensure nothing is dropped.
  • Get a better view of your prospects.

Green is hosted by us and presented as “Software as Service”. This allows your small office to focus on what they do best without the need for an IT or networking staff.

The product website will be up soon, providing a detailed tour. If you would like to know more in the meantime, please drop me a line by email or comment on this post below.

For now, here are some screenshots showing overall look and feel:

Clean layout

With the feature you most urgently want accessible – “Enter new lead” – clearly and always present in top left corner. Now, if someone calls into office staff or yourself, you have no excuse not to capture that call and put it into your pipeline process.

Synap Software Lead Management

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You can tag leads for flexible categorization. You can easily searching for tagged leads.
Tagging Leads

Tagging Leads


All activities on the lead are tracked. Each activity taken on the lead record gets an entry like this.
Tracking Leads


Checklists help ensure the right things get done and help you track a prospect through the pipeline. Create your own checklists, each with as few or many steps as you like. Assign leads to a checklist so everyone in the office knows what they need to do next.



When a lead is in a checklist, you can see where the lead stands.

Help is on the way


Help is on the way

The yellow help banner provides guidance all along the way. We also answer email rapidly.

Help is on the way

Any input?

The product website will be up soon, providing a detailed tour. If you would like to let me know what you think or be notified when it is available, please drop me an email or respond to this post with a comment.

p.s. For the IT inclined: Green is written in Ruby on Rails. Also, I used an excellent icon set from Mark James

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