New Feature: Mass Task Assignment

PlaybookIQ has powerful search features, including searching for contacts by multiple tags (e.g. all contacts that are tagged both ‘VIP’ and ‘Prospect’). Search results are returned in a list of contacts, with a checkbox next to each one. 

From day one, you have been able to add tags and remove tags in mass by checking one or more of the contacts in the search result list.  Starting today, you can also add tasks to a collection of contacts:

1. Perform a search or a tag list and then simply check each contact that you want the task assigned to (or check the ‘all’ checkbox at the top of the search results list).
2. Click ‘Add task’.
3. Create the task and it is applied to all contacts.

In this video we create tasks to call and invite “A1 VIP” contacts to a launch party.  We think you will find this enhancement valuable and hope you like it.  To find out more, please visit

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