New Feature: Mass Playbook Assignment

PlaybookIQ has powerful search features, including a live search by last name, quick search across all fields and advanced search for specific values in specific fields. Quick search and Advanced search results are returned in a list of contacts, with a checkbox next to each one. From day one, you have been able to add tags and remove tags in mass by checking one or more of the contacts in the search result list.

Starting today, you can now also mass assign to a playbook. (In PlaybookIQ, a playbook is a predefined series of steps and best practices that you want to apply to one or more contacts.) Let us show you an example.

Say that you wanted to put all of your Texas prospects onto the Texas Trade Show playbook. You can now do so with just a few clicks like so:

1. Search
Go to the Search tab, click ‘Advanced search’, and enter TX in the State field and choose ‘prospect’ from the tag list. Click ‘search’ to get a list of all of your Texas prospects.

2. Check
Click the checkbox at the top of the results list (this is the ‘check-all’ box).

3. Assign
Click ‘Assign to playbook’, choose the ‘Texas Trade Show’ playbook, and click the assign button.

Just like that, you have automatically created steps to ensure your Texas contacts know about the Texas Trade Show.

We think you will find this enhancement valuable and hope you like it.

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