Manage Leads automates lead management and lets you implement lead followup best practices to convert more leads and free your up more of your time.

This system was born from discussions with small business owners who often spend a fortune on lead acquisition only lose the lead information or fail to effectively followup on it due to poor communication among team members, poor advanced planning, or failure to create a lead management plan.

In LeadsOnRails each prospect is put on a track, which assigns steps to users and everyone can see leads progress through the pipeline. No one is left assuming someone else has taken action. As one of users put it – can serve as an organization’s best-practices manual.

LeadsOnRails is the first in a series of products aimed at making the dedicated expertise found in large, successful companies accessible to small and mid-size companies that do not have the need for a dedicated IT or marketing staff and do not have local IT staff to support desktops, databases, and networks.

Next up:

– New features including integrated email management and web site interfaces

– Improved help and get started pages (with video tutorials)

– Industry specific templates for leads and workflow

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